Four tips to be a pro CSGO player

I have seen a common question on almost all forums that states why we are not able to achieve high ranks in csgo after repeated efforts? Why we are unable to rank up through the way we play? And many similar questions. So to give a simple yet detailed answer to this common and frequently asked question. I will explain four tips and tricks that will help you progress easily in csgo. The best part about these tips and tricks is that both newbies and old players can use them to progress and improve their game. So let’s jump straight to the tips without wasting any further time.

Good game sense:

Two things that will be by your side in this game are anticipation and predictability. The skill to judge the movement of your enemy before he does it is refer to as anticipation. So for both these, you need to have a good game sense. Because you don’t have it you want to be able to figure out a couple of things. For example, knowing how to shoot is an advantage however,  knowing how and where to shoot in different scenarios is a bigger advantage. No matter if you are too good at aiming. But if you do not know where to aim, then it is a disadvantage.

Let’s suppose if you know how long a player takes to cross CT to mid. You can easily anticipate the right time to pull the trigger. Similarly, if you have a good game sense, you can easily predict where your enemy moves, what can be its next move, and much more. As a csgo player, you should know how much time is significant in csgo to perform a variety of tasks.

Teamwork and Communication:

A good team is the one that has the strongest communication between them. If we talk about the need for communication in the game, then I guess it is pretty much evident in the different tasks performed during a match. It can be like initiating flashes, smokes, and much more. However, the communication of the team plays the main role in many other points as well. It especially helps decide how well you manage team money and map callouts. The one thing that will definitely help you communicate is the map callouts, so make sure you know how to do it. There is no need to get upset if you don’t know the exact name of the area on the map, just take the general name to let your other team members know.

Another significant thing is money management when it comes to winning. So make sure you use the team money wisely among all users of csgo. At this time, you all need to think of the team and the money should be spent on everyone instead of a single person. Before buying anything it is ideal to talk with your team and ask for the need. Talk to your team about the guns, weapons, or anything they need to play and win.

Knowledge about Map:

To play well and improve your game, you need to know about different areas of maps so that you can call out the name, and any of your team members that are nearby can immediately reach there in need. Map knowledge is the main difference between a Counterstrike game and a squad game. If you get to know about points, you will be able to perform well, as you will be able to know about the right place to plant the bomb, places where the enemy can hide, and much more.

Knowing about the map helps you figure out your move without wasting time and effort. Apart from this, knowing the maps is also efficient in deciding where to throw the bags and release the smoke. It is also helpful in deciding the gameplay strategy between defensive and offensive.

Spray pattern, trigger discipline, and Crosshair:

These three are the basis of the csgo game. So it is significant to work on them and understand them completely. Among the variety of csgo guns, there are some that have a spray pattern. Spray pattern means that whenever you will shoot a bullet from the gun, it will move in an identical pattern so knowing the spray pattern of the gun will help you take the headshot or kill the enemy from far away.

So if you are looking forward to a better aim, it is significant to understand the spray pattern of guns. When it comes to pistols, you need to understand the working mechanism of its crosshair and should give enough break after every shoot that it’s crosshair resets.

Wrapping up:

Getting better at csgo isn’t easy till you follow the right path. After buying csgo smurf accounts you also need to work on certain aspects that are defined above in full detail. I hope you improve your skills and enjoy better gameplay using the above tips.

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